Project Description

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) commissioned Eruption to conceive and implement an awareness campaign stressing on the importance of fighting corruption. Three TV commercials were produced and aired on national television: one to target the young (The Race), another the urban (The Date) and the third the rural population (The Call). The slogan chosen for the campaign (Koripsion: swa oui swa non, apre asim to desizion) conveys the message that each and every one of us must take a stance vis-à-vis corruption, but ultimately we have to bear the consequences of our choice.

The website of the ICAC was also completely redesigned and redeveloped by Eruption using responsive techniques i.e. the website is fully mobile-friendly. The campaign included a digital component that triggered a boost in the number of LIKEs of the ICAC Facebook page.

ICAC anti-corruption awareness video
ICAC anti-corruption awareness campaign
ICAC anti-corruption awareness campaign

Project Details